Shaker Filter

Our Shaker Filters incorporate envelope type filter bags, which collect fine dust particles. The fine dust is captured within the dust collector. As particles velocity decreases, the heavier concentrates fall directly to the hopper while the fine ones are drawn against the inside surfaces of the filter media. The filters are equipped with automatic shaker mechanisms which enable the waste to be discharged into waste sacks, or bins. The filtered air is expelled from the shaker dust collector may be recirculated back into the building or released outside. Our units consist of the following, AG150, 3KW 4HP, 1445 M³/HR, INLET 150 MM, AG250, 4KW 5.5HP, 3400 M³/HR, INLET 310 X 170 MM, AG400, 7.5KW 10HP, 6800 M³/HR, INLET 2 OFF 310 X 170 MM.

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